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Dear guest,

Welcome to
On this website we've collected all quotes from The Vampire Diaries, both series and books. There has been a lot of time and energy in this website, so we ask you to please don't steal and/or copy from this website without crediting to Copying for the purpose of a signature would be fine ofcourse. Just don't steal all the quotes and place them on your own site.

We watch every episode of The Vampire Diaries twice and quote everything we found memorable.

We've also read the books again and literally sticked post-it's in the books to get them in this system as soon as possible. We've got two books covered by now, The Fury & Dark Reunion are quoted, but not inserted in the system yet. We hope to get this done as soon as possible, but for now we hope you can enjoy the quotes from The Awakening & The Struggle and of course the series quotes.

Have fun at this website and we hope you'll enjoy the funny, lovely, sweet, hilarious and memorable quotes we've collected for you.

Oh and again we ask you to please not copy our hard work. Thank you!

Special thanks to: Chrisa (Nightfall quotes)

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