Quotes by character

Damon Salvatore

" I would have thought even you could understand such a simple sentence, Father. Shall I repeat it in Latin for you? "
Damon Salvatore, The Awakening, Chapter 03, p.24
" Apparently. If you can call those who fawn on you in the hope that you will lend them money your friends. "
Damon Salvatore, The Awakening, Chapter 03, p.24
" And how can this boy make you happy when he knows nothing of the world? How will he protect you when he has never faced reality? He has spent his life among books and paintings; let him stay there. "
Damon Salvatore, The Awakening, Chapter 09, p.105
" Interesting things happen in the dark... sometimes. "
Damon Salvatore, The Awakening, Chapter 10, p.126
" Saint Stefan in a pique? Imagine. You`re distressed, I suppose, because of my little excursion into your teritory. I only did it because I wanted to be close to you. Brothers should be close. "
Damon Salvatore, The Awakening, Chapter 15, p.189
" Oh, no, dear brother. I never lie about anything important. Or do I mean unimportant? Anyway, your beauteous damsel nearly swooned into my arms. I think she likes men in black. "
Damon Salvatore, The Awakening, Chapter 15, p.190
" I am warning you, Stefan, don`t oppose me. It doesn`t matter what I came here for. What I want now is Elena. And if you try to stop me from taking her, I will kill you. "
Damon Salvatore, The Awakening, Chapter 15, p.192
" Stefan who? "
Damon Salvatore, The Struggle, Chapter 01, p.204
" My brother, is a fool. He thinks that because you look like Katherine you`re weak and easily led like her. But he`s wrong. I could feel your anger from the other side of town. I can feel it now, a white light like the desert sun. You have strength, Elena "
Damon Salvatore, The Struggle, Chapter 01, p.205
" I can waken things inside you that have been sleeping all your life. You`re strong enough to live in the dark, to glory in it. You can become a queen of the shadows. Why not take that Power, Elena? Let me help you take it. "
Damon Salvatore, The Struggle, Chapter 01, p.205
" It`s the ultimate secret, Elena. You`ll be happy as never before. And we`ll be together, you and I. Just the two of us, for ever. "
Damon Salvatore, The Struggle, Chapter 01, p.205
" And that`s your final answer, today? Be very sure you want to play this game with me, Elena. The consequences are nothing to laugh about. "
Damon Salvatore, The Struggle, Chapter 01, p.207
" I can do anything to you, and to the ones you love. You have no idea, Elena, of what I can do. But you`ll learn. "
Damon Salvatore, The Struggle, Chapter 01, p.208
" Winter is coming, Elena. An unforgiving season. Before it comes, you`ll have learned what I can and can`t do. Before winter is here, you`ll have joined me. You`ll be mine. "
Damon Salvatore, The Struggle, Chapter 01, p.208
" Mind if I have a bite? "
Damon Salvatore, The Struggle, Chapter 06, p.264
" American folklore. Did you know, for instance, that a mole on the neck means you`ll be wealthy? Do you mind if I check? "
Damon Salvatore, The Struggle, Chapter 06, p.0
" The name is Salvatore. As in saviour. "
Damon Salvatore, The Struggle, Chapter 11, p.321
" You`re not going to scream at me? Or faint? "
Damon Salvatore, The Struggle, Chapter 11, p.322
" I may just have to make you my Queen of Shadows. "
Damon Salvatore, The Struggle, Chapter 11, p.323
" I`m going to have you in the end, you know. "
Damon Salvatore, The Struggle, Chapter 11, p.324
" By hook or by crook, as you people say - that`s a nice phrase - you`ll be mine before the next snow flies. "
Damon Salvatore, The Struggle, Chapter 11, p.324
" You`re right to be afraid of me; I`m the most dangerous thing you`re ever likely to encounter in your life. But just now I have a business proposition for you. "
Damon Salvatore, The Struggle, Chapter 11, p.324
" A few minutes of your time, Elena. A few drops of your blood. An hour of so spent with me, alone. "
Damon Salvatore, The Struggle, Chapter 11, p.324
" If you`re that eager to meet death I can introduce you myself. "
Damon Salvatore, The Struggle, Chapter 11, p.326
" This time I did you a favour, next time I`m going to collect. "
Damon Salvatore, The Struggle, Chapter 11, p.327
" Thank you for having me for dinner, I hope I can return the favour sometime. "
Damon Salvatore, The Struggle, Chapter 12, p.341
" I thought that you said she[Elena] was dead. "
Damon Salvatore, The Fury, Chapter 01, p.6
" In another minute, I`m going to lose my temper. "
Damon Salvatore, The Fury, Chapter 02, p.7
" I ran out of mercy for you a century ago. "
Damon Salvatore, The Fury, Chapter 02, p.8
" And you gave up on her[Elena]? You, of all people, should have suspected what might happen. Or was the idea so repugnant to you that you couldn`t even consider it? Would you rather she were really dead? "
Damon Salvatore, The Fury, Chapter 02, p.10
" What have you been doing? "
" Antiquing! Oh, and i did some shopping. Would you believe it, this little dust speck of town has some pretty decent shopping. I like shopping. "
" Just hungry. And what happened to basic civility, by the way? I drive all the way out here and do I get a `Hello Damon`, or `Nice to see you, Damon` ? No. Instead I hear ` What have you been doing, Damon` I wonder what Signore Marino would think of that "
" Girls and women "
" I didn`t steal these things, boy. I paid for them - in my own coin. Dreams, fantasies and pleasure from beyond this world "
" Yes, it`s me, Damon. And I don`t pay if I don`t feel like it; I just take. And I just take what I want, and I give nothing in return "
" Yes I see you`ve got the idea, but you`ll never get anywhere that way. That`s right, we vampires take - a lesson you need to learn "
" You`re quiet. No snappy back talk? Not even a word? I think this is a lesson I should teach you more often "
" Elena is mine "
" I have already warned you once. Now I CHALLENGE you. Show yourself--- OR ELSE STAY AWAY FROM ME! "
" I didn`t realize I had a choice. How, by the way did you manage to cure Meredith and-and...how did you manage?"" "
" Don`t even try to tell me you`re not involved with those rowdy girls. "
" Apology first. I’m sure you think it’s bad enough, having promised Elena when she was dying that you look after me¬-forever. But you never seem to realize that I had to promise the same thing, and I’m not exactly the caretaking type. Now that she’s not d "
" I’ll tell you in a moment. But just think of it little brother. You and Elena, on the perfect little honeymoon, just two more humans in the world of humans. The sooner you go, the sooner you can sing ‘Ding Dong, the Corpse Is Dead’! "
" All right I admit it: I’ve been suckered into the age of technology at last. I have my own website. And a very helpful young man contacted me just to see whether I really meant the things I said on it or if I was just a frustrated idealist. I figured tha "
" I was officially appointed as your caretaker. I’m officially taking care of you. And for one thing, I don’t think you should be without my protection and companionship while my little brother is gone. "
" You can go, as soon as she kisses you or you kiss her. "
" That gets you a grade of a D minus. One more chance, I want to see a kiss –a real kiss- between you. Or else. "
" You don’t seem to realize what might happen if you make me angry. "
" Guess what? Your face is all messed up on one side - scratches, you know. You’ve got sort of a Phantom of the Opera thing going on. "
" Stefan…was only powerful for a few days because he was drinking the blood of a very powerful spirit who hadn’t yet adapted to Earth yet. But look at her now…Some spirit. Lying there in the dirt. Now the Power is back where it should be. Do you understand "
" I’ll stop it when I get Elena – unless you waylaid her deliberately. I f she’s hurt, I’m going to take whoever harmed her and cut him into slivers. His life is forfeit. "
" Damon paced restlessly. He had a memory that was more like a dream floating around in his head. It was of Elena trying to throw herself out of the Ferrari going about 100 kilometers an hour to get away from – what? Him? Why? Not in any case the best of th "
" No Stefan was gone. It had been the other boy with her, Mutt. What had happened? Damn it to hell! He had to figure out what had happened so he could explain it to Elena when she woke up. He wanted her to believe him, to trust him. He didn’t want Elena as "
" He viewed her body, veiled under the sheets with dispassion-no, with positive guilt. Dio mio-what if he hadn’t found her? He couldn’t get the picture out of his mind of how she looked, stumbling forward like that… lying there…. Kissing his hand… "
" In a way, we’re in a tiny snow globe I made for myself. It just means they won’t see or hear us for a few minutes. "
" Damon: I can- block him for short periods of time from watching us but then I get tired and need blood. I need more blood than you can regenerate, Elena. He’s put Beauty in with the Beast here and he’ll leave us to see which one will triumph. Elena: "
" I swore to kill him or make him your slave a hundred times over. He struck you. He took your blood by force. He made up ludicrous stories about hurting you in other ways. "
" I thought I was a hero for you. Instead I’m the abomination. What now? By rights, I should be dead at your feet already. I’m your to do what you please with, you can order me to die right now. After all my clever talk, it turns out that I’m the monster. "
" You said you released me-instead you’re going to hold that over me forever, aren’t you? But there’s simpler solution. Take some of my blood. "